About Julie Home Line 

My name is Julie. When I was a child, I loved visiting my Granny in the village, in her cozy wooden house with a huge fireplace and a white terrace. Then I came to the conclusion, Grandma's bed linen has some magical abilities, because nowhere I slept so well as there. The years passed, and I didn’t cease to admire the naturalness, strength and durability of homespun bed linen and old linen tablecloths from the grandmother's trunk. I have always wanted to recreate the homespun linens from my grandmother’s trunk and the vintage textiles, which I found in different countries while travelling. I felt that the design of home linen products is the field I want to create and develop. At first I made it just for my family and me, then for my friends and acquaintances, who saw them in my house and asked for sewing the same for them, then for their friends and acquaintances. Over time, there have been so many orders that this business has become my personal business, and after a while the family company Julie Home Line, which is growing every day and creating goods for people from all over the world who, as well as me, admire the eternal spirit flax, its luxury and power. All the bed linen, tablecloths and curtains are made with hands in our small workshop. By creating products in close family circle and keeping production in our palms, we maintain and ensure high product quality. Our linen products combine traditional handicraft and the latest fashion trends. Julie Home Line is continuing the family tradition - now you can become a part of it, so that your own story can be told for generations to come.

We ship worldwide 100% linen Eco-friendly Hand made